Pantheatre is a context for performance, training and study, the organizational umbrella for the artistic and cultural projects of its two directors: Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise.

It is a French higher education officially recognized establishment for Professional Training.

The three main foundation of Pantheatre are :

  1. James Hillman’s archetypal and mythological ideas. He was honorary president of Pantheatre and its Myth and Theatre Festival.
  2. Roy Hart's voice legacy, philosophy and practice. Both directors worked with him and are founding members of the Roy Hart Centre in Southern France.
  3. The tenets of a contemporary anthropology of the spirit-mind, as proposed especially by French philosopher Xavier Papaïs.


Pantheatre's training leads to TWO CERTIFICATIONS

Pantheatre's Artistic Certification     &     The Roy Hart Teacher Certification


Voice Performance    |   Choreographic Theatre

Voice performance training involves a dynamic blend of technical finesse and expressive risk. It also seeks the affirmation of personal genius - character and musicality - and a commitment to the relevance of what one has to voice, be it in speech, song, scream, silence, image or movement - or their synthesis in choreographic theatre.

Training is mostly of the mentor type (consistent apprenticeship and feedback) by the directors with a large circle of collaborating artists and teachers, and in coordination with the Roy Hart Centre (Southern France) for the awarding of the Roy Hart Teacher certification.

As far as Pantheatre is concerned, the aim is for each artist and teacher to take the work and make it his or her own.

See also the Founding Letter by Linda Wise, 1998

Main Activities

1 - The devising of performances


2 - Artistic and vocal training : individual work, in workshops and in long term programs and projects.




Choreographic Theatre Ensemble work integrating movement, language and voice. Improvisations and performances. See CHOREOGRAPHIC THEATRE
Voice Performance Expressivity with vocal, musical and physical composition. See PRINCIPLES
Cultural Studies Seminars / Mythology / Bibliography
Voice Voice training includes the Roy Hart approach to extended ranges, timbres and textures and an understanding of the physiology of the voice.
Singing Interpretation and improvisation, from bel canto to hell canto, with a basic musical training for beginners. See SONGS
Body Body awareness, dance and performer's presence.
Actor's Training Emotion, texts and disassociation techniques.
Professional and/or personal development with a combination of all the above.

Planning / Projects

Pantheatre is based in Paris (October to March) and at Château de Malérargues, in Southern France, the Roy Hart International Artistic Centre (April to September) with residential projects and the Myth and Theatre Festival.

The training program is full-time only during the full-time intensive workshops. Outside these periods INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS are set up with weekly classes and seminars (as well as supervision sessions) and/or rehearsals, in Paris and/or in RESIDENCIES at Malérargues, the Roy Hart Centre (Southern France). The planning depends on each participants agenda, time and budget, and on the directors planning which includes projects abroad.

Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise, with other artistic collaborators (actors, musicians and directors) have directed or overseen a series of performances devised within the training programs. Usually the artists-participants take the 'Grand Stage' in Paris (4 to 6 weeks full time) followed by a period of definition of their performance project, and rehearsals in Paris and/or Malerargues with residential periods in April, May and June leading to first performances during the Myth and Theatre Festival, and later with performances in Paris. See PERFORMANCES

PANTHEATRE organizes regular project in Madrid, New York, Milan, Santiago de Chile, Brasil  - see  INTERNATIONAL.

Brief History

Founded in 1981, Pantheatre was the first independent company to emerge from the Roy Hart Theatre (1969-1989). Both its directors, Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise worked with Roy Hart and are active founding members of the Roy Hart Centre, and co-owner-members of Malérargues. HISTORICAL OVERVIEW

In Memoriam. Important figures who have marked the evolution of Pantheatre

  • Roy Hart, actor and director with whom both directors, Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise, worked.
  • Liza Mayer, president and artistic collaborator, who passed away in December 2009.
  • James Hillman, American psychologist and writer who was Pantheatre's and the Myth and Theatre Festival's honorary president.
  • Rafael Lopez-Pedraza, psychotherapist and writer, born in Cuba, who lived in Caracas, and who passed away in 2011.
  • Mario Delgado, director of Peruvian group Cuatrotablas.

Pantheatre was founded by Enrique Pardo with a solo performance on the God Pan, following several years of voice and movement research with a circle of actors from the original Roy Hart Theatre company - amongst them, Liza Mayer, Linda Wise, Vicente Fuentes, Saule Ryan, Kevin Crawford, Diana Palmer, Noah Pikes, Kozana Lucca, most of whom were involved in early Pantheatre productions like "Poesis" (after Wallace Stevens), and "Demeter" (both 1985).


PANTHEATRE is a French Association (Non Profit 1901 Law)

and an officially recognized higher education establishment with working links with training institutions and universities throughout the world.

Since its creation in 1981 Pantheatre has produced and coproduced over 40 internationally touring performances, and directed research and pedagogy projects throughout the world

It has received subsidies for its activities, in France , from
The French Ministry of Culture
The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The DRAC (Department of Regional Cultural Affairs) of Languedoc Roussillon, Montpellier
The Conseil Régional du Languedoc Roussillon, Montpellier
The Conseil Général of the Department of Gard, Nîmes

SCHOLARSHIPS : Pantheatre is a private training context. It offers scholarships to selected artists from Haiti. In some projects it offers reductions and work-exchange participation to long term participants, to active members of the Pantheatre Association or linked Companies (mainly in Chile). Participants have often obtained grants in their home or residence countries (Australia, Chile, USA, Norway, Hong Kong, etc.) - more rarely from French embassies (Haiti, Brasil).

PANTHEATRE is a French non-profit "Loi 1901 Associtaion"
President : David Goldsworthy  / Treasorer : Guillaume Charpy
Secretary : Didier Monge

SIREN SIRET 377 84 24 22 000 18
Code APE 9001Z
N ° agrégation formation permanente 91300092130
N ° Licence Entrepreneur de Spectacle de 2e Catégorie 1043791.
N ° adhérent AFDAS 36876
Association Loi 1901 - Non Assujétie à la TVA





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