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Paris Annual Professional Workshop

February 21  to  March 4, 2022

Voice Performance & Music

Extended registers of the voice, including Roy Hart work - in singing & voice performance.

Research and development of the performative aspects of the voice in relation to musical and choreographic compostion.

A performance-oriented workshop (classes, research laboratories and work presentations) emphasizing the performance aspects of the voice in their relation to expressive and musical training.

  • What is voice performance: extended ranges and physical performance ?
  • How to perform the singing voice?
  • How to perform vocally in relation to music?

Studio DTM - PARIS 11e





February 21 to March 4   2022

Voice Performance & Music
Directed by: Linda Wise
in collaboration with:

Enrique Pardo
voice performance, acting, movement & stage presence

Pierre-François Blanchard
composition & piano accompaniment


The workshop includes composers, musicians, choreographers and theatre directors who collaborate and/or study with Pantheatre. They will be invited to take part, contribute ideas and direct sessions.

For biographies of the teachers see

A performance-oriented workshop emphasizing the use of the voice's extended ranges, especially the Roy Hart approach, in its relation to music: musical composition but also stage presence and mobility - and more generally choreographic composition.

The workshop includes music sung on stage, off stage, as well as singing with piano accompaniment and other instruments. It includes performers, composers, musicians, choreographers and theatre directors who collaborate and/or study with Pantheatre. They will be invited to take part, contribute ideas and direct sessions.

This is a professional workshop in its demands and attitude. It is not limited to professional musicians nor to theatre performers, though it brings the two together through voice performance work.

Participants are asked to choose a song (or aria), learned by heart, and to bring if possible 3 copies of the score. You can consult Linda on this choice. See also SONGS and The voice in a CHOREOGRAPHIC THEATER. LECTURES &  PERFORMANCES  check   MINI BLOG


Some of the working themes :

  • Intense individual vocal work bringing together technique and expressivity – including Roy Hart's practice and philosophy to the extended ranges of the voice.

  • Solo or group improvisation, with or without instruments, based on the notion of instant composition.

  • Rhythm training.

  • Extension of each individual’s harmonic “language” – scales, modes, etc.

  • Creation of short compositions which can include personal compostions or elements from “standards”.

  • The notion of performance : stage presence, movement, the notion of "counterpoint" voice / music / movement in choreographic theatre.


Planning (archive - to give an idea)

Linda Wise  LW      Pierre-François Blanchard  PFB     Enrique Pardo EP


  10h - 13h 14h - 16h  
lundi 10 LW + PFB    
mardi 11 EP LW + PFB  
mercredi 12 LW + PFB    
jeudi 13 EP    
vendredi 14 LW LW + PFB  
lundi 17 LW + PFB    
mardi 18 LW + PFB EP  
mercredi 19 LW + PFB    
jeudi 20 LW + PFB EP  
vendredi 21 LW + PFB Concert 15h  



Price of the workshop 1400€

10 days work -  2 rest days - 38 hours

If you wish to register and are unable to attend an audition in Paris, please send a letter of motivation and a C.V. If you have video or audio recordings please send them to us. You will be notified very quickly whether a place is reserved for you. Confirmation of your place will be made on reception of a deposit of 300€ Euros made out to Pantheatre. Cancellations will be refunded only up until one month before opening day, minus 50€ euros administration costs. The remainder of the fee may be payed when you arrive in Paris.