July 4 - 14   2013




The Festival took place at Château de Malérargues
Roy Hart International Artistic Centre
(Southern France)

Photos of Château de Malérargues

Myth & Theatre   Workshop Festival

The Myth and Theatre Festival  brings together workshops with performances and lectures-discussions.

Workshop sessions are directed by Linda Wise (mornings) and  Enrique Pardo (afternoons), with guest teachers and musicians.

Performances, lectures and debates make the bridge between workshops, mythology and this year's Festival theme : SPIRIT(s).

Invited guests : Anna Grieve (lectures), Daniela Molina, Pierre-François Blanchard, Marion Rampal, Véronique Taconet., Orly Asody.



Enrique Pardo / Gaëtan Emeraud / Anna Griève
on Choreographic Theatre

LAMENT Extracts
from James Hillman / Sonu Shamdasani dialogues to be published August 2013

Roy Hart and the Spirit of Singing - Preparatory document

See 2012 Festival Archives and Homage to James Hillman

History and Archives of the Festival



The 2013 theme will be dedicated to SPRIT(s) plural.

In 334 BC a statue of Orpheus was found drenched in sweat, in Pieria, Macedonia. For the deviner Aristander of Telmessos this prodigy meant that poets and singers would have to toil and sweat in order to account for and celebrate the exploits of the Macedonian prince who had just been born: Alexander the Great.

2013 : it is time for the 20th century to close its accounts, especially the results of its scientistic skepticism. We must call on Orpheus for a thorough revision of the nature and imp-act of SPIRIT(s) - I am refering to the boundaires of spirituality, psyche, imagination, emotions and dreams. In other words, fiction and performance as the laboratories of mind : SPIRIT(s). Given the residual resistance, we will have to sweat hard!   E.P.



The Workshops

11 days work with three free half-days. 7 hours workshops per day, plus evening talks and performances. 

mornings : Linda Wise
afternoons : Enrique Pardo
evenings : lectures, performances



July 4 - 14  2013
Arrivals Wednesday July 3
Departures Monday July 15
11 days, 3 half-days rest

9:00 - 10:00
Movement classes
10:00 - 13:00
Linda Wise
14h30 - 17:30

Enrique Pardo


lectures, debates, performances, dinners.

Linda Wise : Voice Performance

Mornings, starting with a choice of warm-up classes.

Voice work in two periods : all together and divided into two or three small groups.

Enrique Pardo : Choreographic Theatre

Afternoons : laboratory sessions, all together with interventions by guest musicans.


Registration to this event is directly with PANTHEATRE (NOT  through the Roy Hart Centre registration form.)

Fee  850€

To apply please write to PANTHEATRE. Include a CV and a letter of motivation.

Confirmation - Deposit : if your application is accepted, your place will be reserved. It will then be confirmed on reception of a 200€ deposit.

Refunds are possible until June 4, 2013, minus 50€ administration costs.

Check  Payment advice

Accommodation IMPORTANT to book soonest. Check PRACTICAL INFORMATION . The Roy Hart Centre's site guest rooms are FULL. For special advice contact Daniela Molina assistant organizer of the Festival to, for instance, and to contact participants to share a bungalow or guest house.



Travel - via NIMES, Montpellier or Marseille and check practical information of the Roy Hart Centre

Arrivals Wednesday July 3. Departures Monday July 15.



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