Professional Training Program

 &  Roy Hart Centre Certification   (updated in French 01/03/2020    - English update translation soon)


The professional training directed by  Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise and their collaborators within the framework of PANTHEATRE is based on three main activities :

voice, singing and voice performance

choreographic theatre

cultural studies

The two directors have each her / his own approach based on their individual artistic experience and convictions.

Training takes place especially in Paris (October to April), with projects in Malérargues, Roy Hart Centre, Southern France (April to September), and in international projects.

Paris training formats:

PANTHEATRE training can include the Roy Hart Teacher certification (since August 2017 no longer a diploma.) INFORMATION below

Roy Hart (1926 - 1975), with whom both directors worked, is one of the main sources of their vocal work. Panthéâtre was created in 1981, an independent company that is part of the Roy Hart International Center.



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Pantheatre programs take place in Paris from Octobre to April.
Individual voice lessons with Linda Wise are on appointment.
Classes with Enrique Pardo are in small groups on registration.
Laboratories  and   Cultural Study Seminars

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Training can be followed up in Malérargues (Roy Hart Centre, South of France) as residences, either individual or in groups - or taking part in projects or workshops.
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Roy Hart Teacher / Certification

updated version August 2019 in French  -   English translation soon

Those wishing to become Roy Hart Teachers can train with Linda Wise and / or Enrique Pardo as key mentors. This training and obtaining of the certificate are done in coordination with the Roy Hart International Artistic Center.

The ethical and practical principles of this certification have been under discussion for four years. Two important changes were recorded in August 2017:

  1. the cancellation of the attribution of a diploma

  2. the cancellation of the inclusion of "voice teacher" (it makes clear that the legacy of Roy Hart goes well beyond teaching voice...)

    The new official title is Certified by the Roy Hart Centre. See French update

PANTHEATRE's conditions for a Roy Hart certification are the following:

Applicants must, in principle, have an experienced background in performance, in psychotherapy and/or pedagogy, as well as a substantial knowledge of Roy Hart's philosophy and practice of the voice and of the different developments of his pedagogy today.

All candidates are encouraged to gain experience by participating, studying and teaching in Pantheatre and Roy Hart Centre projects.

Certification Training requires regular supervised work in Paris and/or in Malérargues - and eventually in international projects. It takes place in two phases:

  1. General voice practice and studies: expression, performance, choreographic theatre, voice philosophy and cultural studies. Regular work in individual and in group voice lessons, workshops, study seminars, individual and group supervision dialogues.

  2. Teacher training, requires mentored pedagogical training, including teaching individuals and groups, supervision dialogues, and, in principle, a performance project.

Each of these phases is the equivalent of a two years' engagement. The actual time depends to a very large extent on each individual's experience, skills, presence and application.

The final procedure to obtain a Roy Hart Teacher Certificate would be made in conjunction with a selection of other Roy Hart teachers.

For a more detailed and in-depth articulation of the philosophical and sometimes polemical questions brought up, see the recent articles in Enrique Pardo's BLOG under the categories ROY HART and VOICE.

And some of the proposals made in the last years :