Pantheatre’s Interdisciplinary

Performance Training and Pedagogy

Updated 12/03/2024


Directed by Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise
with a French and international circle of collaborating artists

online and in-person programs
in four main areas:
Voice Performance :
taking Roy Hart’s extended voice ranges into choreographic theatre.
Singing and the Art of Interpretation :
walking the fine line between Melodia and Melodrama.
Choreographic Theatre :
including texts in complex synthesis. 
Cultural Studies:
Mainly based on the practice and philosophies of Roy Hart and James Hillman.

« The LABORATORY cannot fullfill its purpose
without its concommital ORATORY »

Pantheatre’s interdisciplinary professional training offers a high-level compound blend of performance: acting, voice, movement, singing and the art of interpretation, text and the poetics of language. 
Voice performance training involves a dynamic blend of technical finesse and expressive risk. It also seeks the affirmation of personal genius — character and musicality — and a commitment to the relevance of what one has to voice, be it in speech, song, scream, silence, image or movement – or their synthesis in a choreographic theatre.
Pantheatre was the first company to emerge from the historical Roy Hart Theatre, after 1975, with a now legendary solo performance on the god Pan: « Calling for Pan » (hence Pantheatre), 1981.  The main inspirational figure for Pantheatre is James Hillman and his image-based archetypal vision. He became honorary president of Pantheatre and its « Myth and Theatre Festival. »
Pantheatre is a French registered higher education establishment. It is based in both Paris (Studio DTM, Paris 11th) and at Malerargues, the Roy Hart Centre, Southern France.

Ethos, according to the Ancient Greeks, refers to the power of music to influence emotions and behaviors.

Our Artistic Ethos calls, first of all, on embodied expression. We value highly technical know-how — in music, singing, dance, theatre, performance and/or writing — but maybe more so, personality, willingness to risk and the prominence of the imagination. Our professional aim is to develop the performer as a multi-faceted imaginative and committed artist. 

Our performative take on image is based on quality of gesture : we see ‘making a gesture’ as the very soul of artistic enterprise. Gesture embodies ideas, sympathies, emotions, including necessary rage and outrage. It militates for inclusiveness and equity.

IN THIS SENSE, THE PROGRAM IS OPEN TO ALL : it offers professional artists new challenges, and inspiration for teachers and practitioners in other disciplines, as well as a creative context for anyone wishing to enrich their working tools, ideas and practice.

Pantheatre offers TWO interlinked professional certifications which share a basic training with a strong emphasis on performance and on cultural studies.
1- Pantheatre PERFORMANCE Diploma : the aquisition of the tools and ideas to devise voice, singing and choreographic theatre performances, leading to public presentations at Pantheatre’s Paris Festival and Malerargues at the Myth and Theatre Festival.
2- The Roy Hart PEDAGOGICAL Certification : to obtain the official Teacher Certification from the Roy Hart Centre. An in depth and long-term commitment to study Roy Hart’s voice pedagogy centering around the « canonic » model of what Hart called a ‘singing lesson’.  See ROY HART CANON and CERTIFICATION PROTOCOL

Online Sessions are often held as Split Classes for smaller groups and more personalized attention. Recordings are made available to Participants within 24 hours.  LIVE Talks, and any other adjacent events are open to Participants in active training as is Membership to Pantheatre’s Virtual Library’s Recorded Talks.

Participants expected to participate in small group training and individual classes with Enrique and Linda, and are encouraged to enroll in adjacent training and take individual classes with training teachers. Certified and advanced trainee teachers include Grace Zandarski (USA), Sharon Feder (Canada), Sarmen Almond (Mexico), Pierre-Françoise Blanchard (France) and Amy Rome (UK) among others. 

The Online Training Programs runs in 2-3 month CYCLES. Each Cycle begins with a 2-week INTENSIVE opening the doors to new students. There are 3 Cycles each year, corresponding to the Fall, Winter and Spring. In the Summer, the Myth and Theatre Festival (June/July) involves intensive program of daily Training, Talks, Seminars and Performances. 

The Advanced Research and Pedagogy Program as well as Small Group Trainings are envisioned for July/August and continue in tandem with each Cycle..  Individual Lessons are available throughout the year upon request.



  • Voice expression and singing
  • Voice performance, including movement
  • Introduction to choreographic theatre


  • Voice expression and singing
  • Voice performance, including movement
  • Introduction to choreographic theatre

Virtual Library, Talks, Seminars, interviews, work presentations

  • Enrique Pardo, on current subjects with invited guest speakers.
  • Presentation of performances followed by critical roundtables.
  • Access to a Pantheatre’s growing video library of recorded talks and performance

Master Classes 

  • 3 Yearly Introductory Master Classes: Live or Recorded
  • Roy Hart Pedagogy Master Classes. Three kinds of participation : Observer, Student and Trainee teacher.

Extra offers 

  • Individual singing lessons of one hour with Linda Wise and other certified teachers, Zoom on appointment.
  • Small Group classes with Enrique Pardo or Linda Wise, as well as those proposed by affiliate certified teachers.