January to June 2023 

Seminars in Pantheatre’s own brand of Voice Performance and Choreographic Theatre

Master Classes in Voice Expression ‘after’ Roy Hart.

The 2023 programs (January to June) lead up the Myth and Theatre Festival   

Now confirmed June 17 to July 2nd

its theme:



Pantheatre is the organizational umbrella for the artistic and cultural projects of its two directors: Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise – with a wide circle of artists and teachers.

A context for

·     performance research and devising
·     voice training (including Roy Hart)
·     cultural and archetypal studies

Based in France :

·     Studio DTM, Paris 11 : Oct. to Mar.
·     Malerargues, Southern France, Roy Hart Centre. April to Sept.

International workshops and long-term programs, on-site and online: Chile, Sao Paolo, Mexico, Madrid, Italy, New York.

The Work

Main areas:

  1. Voice performance
  2. Singing and Interpretation
  3. Choreographic Theatre
  4. Cultural Studies
  5. Training of Roy Hart Voice Teachers

The work is done on site and online, in intensive workshops, regular ateliers, master classes, seminars, individual classes and personal tutoring – which can be combined in long term training programs.

Four historical influences:

  1. Roy Hart’s voice practice and philosophy.
  2. James Hillman’s archetypal psychology and ideas.
  3. The laboratory legacy of Jerzy Grotowski and Eugenio Barba.
  4. Peers and contemporary philosophers.

Why Who

The aim is for each person, artist and/or teacher, to make the work their own, integrating psychological, critical and cultural studies.

No dogma: “Rules are made to confirm exceptions”.

Workshops, courses, tutoring are both advanced AND open to all. More a question of attitude, personality and risk-taking than of technical, musical or performance skills – all very welcome!

For many, it amounts to a hands-on post-doctorate. Dancers who want to include voice and text performance. Singers wishing to include extended voice ranges and movement performance. Psychotherapists, or anyone, wishing to explore the modes and implications of artistic ‘acting out’.

A School of Genius. Our ambition: “The affirmation of personal genius – character and musicality – with a radical commitment to what one has to voice.”