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Roy Hart International
Artistic Centre

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August 9 - 19   2011

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by Enrique Pardo


The Albert Fish Case
Exchanges between Marion Rampal, Anna Griève and Enrique Pardo

Myth and Theatre Festival

special guest : Anna Griève

structured around two parallel workshops with shared times on

Voice Performance




Singing : Crazy Muses

directed by Linda Wise


Choreographic Theatre   /    Extravaganza

directed by Enrique Pardo


Château de Malérargues
Roy Hart International Artistic Centre
(Southern France)


Qui cache son fou meurt sans voix
Hide your fool and you’ll die voiceless

from a Paris graffiti quoting French poet Henri Michaux.

The English “fool” is not as mad as the French “fou”, though both can put on the costumes of buffoon, clown and jester (“professional entertainer or an amusing lunatic on the payroll”), who mock king and court, usually from a ‘deformance’ position: insane, hunchback, dwarf, red-nosed.

These figures are welcome but our main task will be to call on our own particular craziness in order to escape from the prison of our “selves”, escape the tyranny of our self-composed dignities. In a very peculiar way : to make a fool of our king/queen-selves…

Extravaganza – O.E.Dictionary : “1754, with reference to peculiar behaviour, 1794 of a fantastic type of performance or writing”.



Folie à Deux

Series of performances directed by  Enrique Pardo   see VIDEOS

Since 2007, I have directed a yeary series of soli by artists who trained with PANTHEATRE ACTS. 2011 saw a record of five new productions! The methodogical reference is "folie a deux" - which I define in the program of Maryline Guiton’s Une Etrange Demoiselle (An Odd Young Lady), 2007:

Folie a deux means devising a performance on the basis of openly fusional exchanges, appropriating and dreaming each other’s ideas along, so that in the end fantasies become autonomous. Two historians of psychoanalysis, Mikkael Borch-Jacobsen and Sonu Shamdasani wrote a book of merciless criticism against Freud’s methods. They speak of "folie a deux": how Freud "planted" his ideas in patients in order to then "discover" scientific evidence of his hypothesis. In reading their fierce dismantling of Freud's famous clinical cases, I thought: "this is exactly how I proceed with artistic creation"! Influences, suggestions, appropriations, transfers, projections - but with enough "contractual" detachment and humorous complicity for each one to play his or her role in devising the final result.

with links to the performance programmes


Agnès Dumouchel, France Storyteller, presented the story of Mélousine.
Daniela Molina, Chile with Pierre-François Blanchard at the piano : "L'Autri-chienne"
Gaëtan Emmeraud On Herman Hesse's Steppenwolf
Izabelle Chalhoub, France "Corps Nouveau" - Artist in residence with Panthéâtre
Laura Fuentes, Chile "No soy totalmente yo" - Artist in residence with Panthéâtre
Marianne Le Tron, France "Palimpseste"  -Invited artist and teacher / See E. Pardo's article
Nate Speare, USA "The Great Communicator" - Artist in residence with Panthéâtre
Nick Hobbs avec Agnès Tuvache Artists, collaborators of Panthéâtre : "Lovebed"
Sarmen, Mexico Artist in residence with Panthéâtre
Sean Lewis, USA "Love is Black Water" - film - associate artist
Virginie Hoog, Switzerland Artist in residence with Panthéâtre : "Madame Barbe Bleu"


Linda Wise is studying women-performers in the Renaissance. They were forbidden to go on stage so they dressed-up as men or performed as mad ladies – in virtuoso numbers.

Enrique Pardo values a particular French expression : “c’est du n’importe quoi!” – a condemnation of any move outside correct French logic. The English would probably say: “rubbish!” – but then out comes that vast artistic movement called “trash”!

Invited Teachers: Pierre-François Blanchard, Nick Hobbs, Faroque Kahn, Aurélia Hannagan, Sarmen Almond,, Marianne Le Tron, Agnès Dumouchel, David Goldsworthy. Special guest Anna Griève.


August 9 to 19 2011

Arrivals Monday August 8
Departures Saturday August 20

11 days, 10 working days  + one day rest (or two half days)   7 hours per day

Two parallel and interconnected workshops.
Daily morning three-hour main session with the workshop director.
Sharing movement classes, small-group singing lessons, and three final performance laboratories*.
Maximum 12 persons per workshop

PLANNING (to be confirmed)

9 - 10
 common movement class
10 - 13
main session : each workshop with its director (Linda Wise or Enrique Pardo)
14:30 - 16
voice lessons in 3 or 4 small groups (mixing workshops)
17 - 18:30
4 master class with the director of the other workshop.
otherwise: lectures, discussions, work presentations or free time
* August 17 18 19 : afternoons will be all-together performance laboratories.


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