Myth and Theatre Festival 



Oracular Voice - Blind Seer - Transsexual

June 17 to July 2    2017



Château de Malérargues
Roy Hart  International Artistic Centre
Photos of Château de Malérargues

The Myth and Theatre Festival offers a rare context that brings together theatre practices (workshops, master classes and performances) with "the dance of ideas" and the spirits of mythology.

The 2017 festival changes dates (June instead of July) and formula: two intense weeks (to which you can register separatedly), preceded by the possibility of residencies (in May and June ) for study and performance research.

The days' planning is structured around workshop sessions led by Enrique Pardo and by Linda Wise - with guest artists who will teach classes especially on voice.

Evenings will be dedicated to performances, lectures and debates related to the practical work (voice performance and choreographic theater) and to the theme of the festival. See below. A detailed program will be published in the coming months.

The Festival is part of Pantheatre's training program which includes the possibility of obtaining the Roy Hart voice teacher diploma. It is also an ideal setting for acquiring teaching and performance practice.

The theme of the 2017 festival will be


Oracular Voice - Blind Seer - Transsexual


Tiresias is a strange character: a soothsayer feared for his revelations and often felt as bringer of ill omens. It certainly was the case for Oedipus who was forced to consult him to finally learn the terrible reasons for the miasma of his destiny.

Our main reasons for choosing Tiresias for the 2017 Myth and Theatre Festival can be summed up in three main points. Others will certainly come up.

  • Oracular Voice. The importance of oracular models, and mantics in general. If "the voice is always a dream": how to interpret it? How does choreographic theater and a theater of images ‘speak’ to us? What is its voice in terms of narration and dramaturgy? What is a mytho-poetic theater?
  • Blind Seer. To be on stage is to be inside the image, inside the dream, and therefore somehow to be a "blind seer". Performance work is to cultivate the instinct of image, to understand one’s place in the image and to take position. This means to develop the poetic animal, the visionary performer.
  • Transsexual. The last conversations during the 2016 festival on Eros and Psyche often turned to gender issues and to the theatre of sexuality. Tiresias changed sex more than once in a very long life (the myth speaks of three hundred years!) He/she must be consulted!
Direction : Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise

In collaboration with

Roy Hart International Artistic Centre
La Mairie de Lasalle  /  La Galerie du Petit Temple
Club del Pescado
Univ. of Central Lancashire UK - School of Flim, Media & Performance. Dr. Amy Rome

Membres of the Paris Choreographic Theatre Laboratory
Le Club del Pescado

Teachers, artists and invited lecturers  TBC
Anna Griève, Kaya Anderson, Amy Rome, Randy Fertel, Pierre-François Blanchard, Daniela Molina, Paola Daniele, Bibiana Monje, Marta Belmonte.


The Festival is part of the Pantheatre training program which includes the possibility of obtaining the diploma of Roy Hart voice teacher . It is also an ideal setting for gaining experience in teaching and performance.



ARCHIVES 2016 Festival
PLANNING with workshops


full registration: arrivals Saturday June 17,  departures Monday July 3

10:00 - 13:00
Enrique Pardo - laboratory sessions
14h30 - 17:30
Linda Wise - master classes and small group coaching
lectures, debates, performances

Enrique Pardo   :   Choreographic Theatre

Mornings : laboratory sessions with the contribution of different teachers and invited musicians.

Linda Wise   :   Voice Performance

Afteroons : Voice work in two periods : work all together, division in two or three groups with different teachers for individual work.

Special Outing to Montpellier Dance Festival   Thursday 29 of June

Marlene Monteiro Freitas

Bacantes – Prelúdio para uma Purga

"Maybe my favorite dancer-performance artist at the moment." Enrique   --   check BLOG article N'importe quoi!   or  program notes

Pantheatre has reserved 14 places. 7 expensive ones (orchestra, front, 28€), and 7 cheaper ones (balcony side 15€). Add the afternoon / evening bus drive to Montpellier (we will hire a bus - it takes 90 minutes to get to Montpellier - price tbc depending on bus and numbers.)

Book your place with us - you can pay us at the Festival. If all our places are booked you can buy at same reduced rate directly by saying it is part of Enrique Pardo / Pantheatre group. Check Festival Montpellier Danse


Registration to this festival event is done directly with PANTHEATRE (and not through the Roy Hart Centre's site format.)


     800€ professional workshops students
     650€ activ members and under-26

Partial participation. Consult us.

Registration : Email to PANTHEATRE. Include a brief CV and a letter of motivation if you have not worked with Pantheatre.

Confirmation - Deposit : if your request is accepted, your place will be reserved. It will be confirmed on reception of a deposit of 200€ to “Pantheatre".

Deposits can be returned up to May 15 2017 with a 50€ administration costs deduction..

Payment - see:

Lodging - The Roy Hart Centre has lodging for 20 persons.

Write to Béatrice, secretary of the Roy Hart Centre - to ask if there are places left and to book through her.

Contact-us for other possibilities, including shared rentals. Or shared travel.

Check the Camping Filament (20 minutes walk). Note: the camping used to called La Pommeraie and has just been bought (big local opposition) by a franchise chain. The website image is dreadfull, BUT we are checking it (in mid April) since it used to be quite nice, very convenient, with a swimming pool - and is not at all full before July 15.

If you check AirBnB or similar, ask for : Thoiras area, or nearby Lasalle - post codes 30140 30460.

Travel - Via Nîmes, Montpellier or Marseille.


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