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The Pantheatre Library

Pantheatre has a Library at Château de Malérargues, located in the old Meyrueis family chapel, the family who owned the château up to the end of WW2. The fund of books is based on Enrique Pardo's private library, with additions by Linda Wise and Liza Mayer, as well as donations by friends (for instance, a recent collection of books on mythology and cultural studies from Debora Kaatz.)

The Library is accessible on request and for consultation only to artists, students working with Pantheatre, and generally to persons in workshops or in residence at Malérargues, the Roy Hart International Artistic Centre. Beyond a visit, users have to become members of the PANTHEATRE non-profit French association. Membership is 20€ and runs till October 1st of the following year. PANTHEATRE Association can accept donations (books, articles, equipment or financial.)

The Library has a computer available for consultation of digital and video material - as well as internet cable access.

The building works started in December 2006 with terracing and redoing the roads. The chapel was a ruin so the roof was redone as was all the interior decoration.

Requests to visit or work in the library : please contact Enrique Pardo or Linda Wise EMAIL

The Library's main topics are :

- Cultural studies : especially mythology and archetypal psychology.
- Voice : performance, philosophy and physiology.
- Pantheatre performances and Myth and Theatre Festival archives.

Also available at Malérargues is the Wolfsohn/Roy Hart archives assembled by Paul and Clara Harris.




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