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    • Kaya Anderson / Roy Hart Certification

      Kaya Anderson / Certification First comments by Enrique Pardo Malérargues, April 9, 2023

      Here is the text proposed by Kaya Anderson to go on the actual Certificate for a ‘Roy Hart’ teacher, awarded by the Roy Hart Centre - CAIRH (Centre Artistique International Roy Hart).

      « The CAIRH recognizes and approves.. (………) as a teacher whose approach to teaching The Human Voice reflects well the in-depth lifework, discoveries and practice of Alfred Wolfsohn and of his pupil and successor, Roy Hart.

      Sounding the musicality, both evident and hidden, of each pupil evokes Soul, emotions and feelings.  The Senior Teachers within the CAIRH structure are confident in.  (…………..)’s sense of awareness and responsability for (her/his) approach to teaching this Human Voice Work that connects voice with body and psyche. » SEE FULL POST
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