Pantheatre Professional

Performance and Teacher Training

New 2021    Online English Program

First Cycle : Jan 19 to April 27, 2021 / 14 weeks

3 Free open master classes : Dec 22 + 29 + Jan 5 :  Participative Master Class  + Q&A

An Interdisciplinary Training Program

Founded and co-directed by Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise
with an international circle of collaborating artists

Pantheatre’s artistic and teacher training is the development of more than forty years of experimental laboratories and performances in three main areas:
    • Voice Performance : taking Roy Hart’s extended voice ranges into choreographic theatre.
    • Singing and The Art of Interpretation : taking singing, music and musicality into performance.
    • Choreographic Theatre : a work synthesis including texts (the most complex dimension.)

Linda Wise and Enrique Pardo consider that the transmission of their work and of the legacy of Roy Hart requires substantial practice, in-depth cultural studies and personal supervision, so that applicants can make the work their own.

Pantheatre was the first company to emerge from the historical Roy Hart Theatre, in the late 1970’s and 1980’s, with research into the inclusion of Roy Hart’s avant-garde voice work in physical and dance theatre.

Pantheatre is a French registered higher education establishment, and an AFDAS member (French Equity / Professional Training.) It is based in both Paris (Studio DTM, Paris 11th) and at Malerargues, the Roy Hart International Centre, Southern France.

Pantheatre offers TWO interlinked professional certifications which share a basic training with a strong emphasis on performance and on cultural studies – inspired by the voice practice and philosophy of Roy Hart (1926 – 1975) and by the ideas of James Hillman (1926 – 2011), who became Pantheatre’s Honorary President.

1 – Pantheatre ARTISTIC Certification

The acquisition of the tools and ideas to devise voice, singing and choreographic theatre performance, leading to public presentations at Pantheatre’s Paris Festival and Malerargues Myth and Theatre Festival.

2 – Roy Hart PEDAGOGICAL Certification

Officially: Teacher Certification from the Roy Hart Centre. This is an in-depth briefing in Roy Hart’s voice pedagogy – based on a “canonic” model of what he called a singing lesson. See ROY HART CANON and CERTIFICATION PROTOCOL

Ethos refers to the principles of a program. It is also often used to refer to the influence of music on emotion and behavior, an important point for singing and performing artists.
Our artistic ethos calls first of all on embodied expression – complemented by cultural studies in both archetypal thinking and contemporary political concerns.

James Hillman called his work archetypal psychology in the late 1960’s, after Carl Jung’s original notion of archetypes. He later specified : image-based archetypal psychology, and titled Volume IV of his Uniform Edition: From Types to Images. Pantheatre was very much part of this move. James Hillman became its honorary president, and of Pantheatre’s Myth and Theatre Festival.

We value technical expertise in music, singing, dance, performance and/or writing – but maybe more so, personality, willingness to risk and, especially, the primacy of imagination. Our professional aim is to develop the performer as a multi-faceted imaginative and committed artist.

Our performative take on image is based on quality of gesture : we see ‘making a gesture’ as the very soul of artistic enterprise. Gesture embodies ideas, sympathies, emotions, including when necessary, rage and outrage. It militates for inclusiveness and diversity.

In this sense, the program is OPEN TO ALL: it offers professional artists new challenges, inspiration for teachers and practitioners in other disciplines, as well as a creative context for anyone wishing to enrich their working tools, ideas and ethos.

On the portico of a Spanish army garrison in Granada, we once read: Escuela del Genio: Doctrina y Adiestramiento (School of Genius: Doctrine and Dressage!) We adopted it for Pantheatre cum grano salis, :

VOICE PERFORMANCE is based on two complementary principles: technical finesse and expressive risk. It seeks to highlight PERSONAL GENIUS – musicality and temperament – as well as the pertinence (or impertinence) of what one has to say, be it in speech, gesture, dance, song, image, scream, silence, or their syncretism in a CHOREOGRAPHIC THEATRE

Pantheatre’s final certification includes at least one performance project plus a written dissertation. It is awarded by Pantheatre’s directors, together with the artists / teachers involved in the training.

The program will start with a selected exploratory group up to 20 participants, who will work together for 14 weeks (from January 18 to April 25, 2021).
The last 2 weeks will concur with a live workshop in Malerargues. Presential and online participants will interact and exchande in joint sessions.

  • ALL registered participants can attend ALL program events.
  • Included in the selected participants there will be some certified and advanced trainee teachers.
  • Among these :
    • Amy Rome (UK)
    • Grace Zandarski (USA)
    • Sharon Fedder (Canada)
    • Sarmen Almond (Mexico)
    • Pierre-François Blanchard (France)
  • After the first 4 weeks (Feb 16), we will discuss the developments and assess the need for adjustments, for example smaller groups or special classes.
  • Participants are encouraged to take extra classes with trainee teachers, or live workshops (see below).
  • The teachers will announce their working agendas in advance – including the preparation homework (practical or theoretical.)
  • Zoom sessions are organized and recorded by Pantheatre. Recordings are made available (privately) to participants as soon as possible – mainly for study and homework purposes (or to catch up if absent.)
  • Each participant should have minimum VIDEO equipment to create working videos and keep a personal logbook.
  • The program takes place ONLINE
  • LIVE in Paris and at the Roy Hart Centre SEE AGENDA
  • In conjunction with other programs (Spanish and French speaking)

Weekly Program Outline

Codes : EP= Enrique / LW= Linda / Co.= Collaborators / &or = and or   

Master Classes (once a week, 2 hours, directed by EP &or LW.)

    • Voice Performance
    • Singing and The Art of Interpretation – including songs
    • Choreographic theatre, bringing together all aspects
    • Roy Hart Pedagogy (for trainee teachers : all participants can attend, observe or be called to work)

Workshop Sessions (once a week, 1 ½ hours, EP or LW &or Co.)

    • Voice expression and singing
    • Voice performance, including movement
    • Introduction to choreographic theatre

Cultural seminars, lectures, interviews (once a fortnight on average)

    • Enrique Pardo, on current subjects with invited guest speakers.
    • Presentation of performances followed by critical roundtables.
    • Access to a private video library of recorded sessions, talks and performances.

Extra offers  (not included in the program fees)

  • Individual singing lessons of one hour with Linda Wise and other certified teachers, Zoom on appointment.
  • Group classes proposed by certified teachers.
You are WELCOME to one or all of the 3 OPEN FREE SESSIONS presenting practice and theory content (both Pantheatre and Roy Hart), with time for questions.
TUESDAY, December 22 + 29 + January 5. (19:30 to 20:45 Paris time.)
Please email us to reserve your place(s) (limited numbers)



REMINDER : the first cycle (Jan 19 to April 20 )

It implies that the main online class will be every TUESDAY 19:30 Paris time.

Participants will be selected on applications at the latest January 10, 2021.

Please email PANTHEATRE to present your candidacy including
CV + Letter of Motivation + 2 video clips, maximum 4 minutes each:
1. A video clip of a spoken auto-presentation
2. A video clip of a ‘performing’ auto-presentation
😈 « personnality, risk, imagination… »


To be announced before the New Year